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About Us

RNG Dış Ticaret produces drying technologies and turnkey projects for sectors such as linen, hemp, fiber, infrared, textile, chemistry and dye, automotive, wood and timber, energy, food, plastic, aviation, glass, metal, paper, and printing. The company handles design, automation, and mechanical manufacturing in-house with an experienced team of engineers and technicians. RNG Dış Ticaret offers services ranging from process design, project management, and process equipment manufacturing and supply to setting up turnkey facilities. With an experienced expert team open to new technologies, the company can produce technical solutions suitable for current conditions and structures, maintaining methodological accuracy and optimal solution production in projects of all levels. Our firm, RNG Dış Ticaret, is growing every day.


To adhere to our commitments and deadlines, to produce high-quality products within the scale of R&D-supported norms and standards, and to provide the fastest and highest level of service or technical support demanded by our customers.


To be a nationally and internationally preferred manufacturer by making necessary R&D, investments, and planning, modernizing our infrastructure using new technologies, and enhancing our brand value.

Our Services

With years of experience, we strive to deliver our services to you every hour of the day to provide you with the most excellent service. Discover our services!